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Popular Colleges

Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University - [DBUU], Dehradun
B.TECH INR 73.1 K - 1.1 Lacs (Annually)
Doon Business School - (DBS), Dehradun
BBA INR 1.4 Lacs (Annually)
Quantum University (QU), Roorkee
B.TECH ₹1.1 Lacs - 1.3 Lacs (Annually)
Tula's Institute, Dehradun

Tula's Institute, Dehradun

Dhoolkot Near Selaqui, Dhulkot Rd, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248197
Himgiri Zee University - [HZU]

Himgiri Zee University - [HZU]

Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Upes Dehradun

Upes Dehradun

Dehradun (Uttarakhand)
Alpine Group Of Institutions

Alpine Group Of Institutions

Dehradun, Uttarakhand
BBA/BCA ₹35,000 First Year Fees
BFIT Dehradun

BFIT Dehradun

Dehradun (Uttarakhand)
BBA/BCA ₹35,000 - ₹2 Lakhs
Graphic Era University (GEU)

Graphic Era University (GEU)

Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Popular Courses

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Why We Are?

Collegewaale.com is opened with the vision of providing the best education counselling services to all the students of the country. There is a personal story which worked like a motivation to start our journey and which is the reason why we are doing what we are doing. That story pushes us to do our best for the students and these students help us get our place in a market which already has a lot of competitors and yet we still stand out. There are a lot of reasons behind our existence and we will share only those which will make the best sense.

The Dream and Ambition

While we were working in different offices, we came across many people. Some of them were our seniors who were always concerned about their children’s education and some of them were our juniors who were fresh graduates. Most of our juniors did not want to continue working because they felt the salary was low. The only way they could see to earn more than what they did then was to get a master degree in business and administration. But only a few of them had the clarity to pursue this idea. Similarly, our seniors were concerned about their kids education and which college they should get admitted to. We discussed this, we saw an opportunity. We worked till we found a solution and came up with www.collegewaale.com.

The Story

One of our team member had a problem with his relative. It was because of this relative that his life wasn’t what he thought it could have been. We heard many similar stories from many people. One wrong advice from one wrong person could destroy generations. We decided to not let that happen to anyone ever again and pledged to give our best whenever someone comes seeking our help. This story is the motivation behind www.collegewaale.com’s endless honest efforts.

Incompetent Contenders

The education sector in India is booming. There is a new educational venture opening every now and then. But only a few of them are good enough to actually qualify as an educational venture. And out of those as well, only a few manage to survive. The reason being the lack of efficient management and labor. Students have rejected many firms simply because they were not impressed by the staff and their way of handling things. Only those who were good survived. We are here because we have an excellent management who can tend to any kind of student at any time of the day.

College Selection

Students get confused in which college they should go for after cracking an entrance exam with good marks. We are here to clear that confusion for good. We help the students find the best institute which suits their score and will give them a great return on investment.

The Indian Students

The confused Indian students are a major reason why we exist. It is thanks to them that we are here. Not being sarcastic, but really, if it weren’t for those confused curious kids, we wouldn’t be here. Collegewaale helps these confused souls get all the answers related to their education and career. We offer our services at negligible rates so that no student remains devoid of what we have in the store for them.

Our Team

Last but not the least, it is thanks to these incredible people who are taking out time from their busy lives to invest in our startup just so they can get students what’s best for them. These professionals are always ready to take on any problem which has been bothering our students and provide a relevant solution.


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Frequently asked questions

Collegewaale.com is the one stop solution to all your education counselling related concerns. We are here to help the students get the kind of education they deserve from the college where they should be doing it from. We are a team of people which is working 24/7 just to get the essential information which a student should have before getting enrolled in any course. We also provide scholarships and discounts to the deserving candidates. Still have any doubts? Visit the About Us and Our Vision is Our Mission section on our website.

Well, every company which rules the market today was a beginner at first. What made them reach the top was their work ethics and values. Some of those companies still stick to their core values and continue to provide the best of their services. For others, the same does not hold true. We are new, agreed. That’s why we will stop at nothing to bring the best to you. We will try everything we can to help you get what you want. We have done so for many of our students whose testimonials can be read at the Testimonials section of our website and if that does not convince you, then give us one chance and we will not let you down.

Every person in the world has problems regarding their education but only a few know how to deal with them. For those who do not know how to deal with their education related problems, we come in the place. We help the students figure out what they want from their life and what steps they should take to make that happen. If a student already knows what is needed to be done, then we guide that student on how to do it. If the student is already on the way and is feeling bit down because of some reasons, we lend them the necessary support. Our modus operandi is simple. We help the students know the what, why and how of the education they should be getting. To know more, visit our website www.collegewaale.com and someone from our team will promptly respond to your queries.

There are a lot of working professionals who wish to get a better package and the only way they could think of getting it is doing an MBA. Most of them appear for management entrance tests and only some of them could achieve what they wanted. For the rest, we get the job done. We counsel these professionals to know what exactly they want and how they should work to reach there. Those who failed the entrances and have no hope of making it, we provide alternatives. Those who could barely pass and do not wish to appear in the entrance again, we provide them the colleges who rank best in low admission cut-offs. Those who scored average are pushed to perform better and when their results get good, they get admissions in the top ranking colleges of the country.

What is the point of playing a movie in a theatre without audience because the audience couldn’t afford the ticket? Collegewaale’s motto is to provide the best education counselling service to each and every student. We do not believe in making loads of money by charging hefty amount. Many of our counsellors give students free counselling on phone calls and for a one on one session, a very small amount is charged. We do not want you to bear the burden of heavy prices when you are already bearing the burden of everyone’s expectations.

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