About B.Com in Banking and Insurance

The commerce and banking courses in India are among the top opted courses in the nation, with B.Com as one of the popular options. Across India, commerce aspirants work towards pursuing one of the many B.Com specializations. Among the top specializations under the course is known as B.Com Banking and Insurance.

The 3-year B.Com in Banking and Insurance has been designed to train the students in the different aspects of Banking and Insurance. Each college will uniquely create their curriculum to fit the needs of the industry, producing skilled graduates, capable of withstanding and solving the challenges of the industry. Along with the training in the different aspects of banking and insurance, softs skills such as communication and public relations skills will also be imparted to the students. 

B.Com Banking and Insurance graduates can build a successful career with just a bachelor’s degree in the field. The banking and insurance industry has been known to be one of the best industries to find a lucrative career path. With its exclusive training in the field of banking and insurance, B.Com Banking and Insurance students will be offered career opportunities in different industries ranging from banking and insurance sectors to accounting and industrial houses as well.

Highlights of B.Com in Banking and Insurance

Check out the major course highlights of B.Com in Banking and Insurance.





3 Years

Average Course Fee

?15,000 - ?2,75,000

Average Initial Annual Package

?3,00,000 - ?8,00,000

Minimum Academic Qualification

10+2 With Mathematics

Minimum Aggregate Score Required

50% or Above

Exam Type


Selection Process

University-Level Entrance or Merit-Based

Employment Areas

Govt/Pvt Banks, Insurance Industry, Consultancies, Indian Civil Services, etc

B.Com in Banking and Insurance Syllabus

First Year:


Financial Accounting

Business Management

Principles of Banking

Principles of Insurance

Insurance Law and Practice

Company Accounts - Part -1

Business Statistics

International Banking


 Second Year:



Banking - Legalities and Regulations

Financial Services

Cost Accounting

Business Tax

Financial Management

Business Economics

Company Accounts - Part 2


 Third Year:


Income Tax

Business Communication

Accounting Management

Financial Statistics

Business Environment


International Business

Banking and Insurance - Marketing

B.Com in Banking and Insurance Career Options and Job Prospects

One of the major attractions for pursuing a B.Com course is the immense career opportunity and future scope of the course. B.Com graduates have been known to take up various managerial positions and earn lucrative packages even as fresher. The banking, Insurance, and Finance industries are always on the lookout for fresh new graduates qualified and skilled to tackle the modern issues and challenges faced in the industry.

  • Auditor

  • Accountant

  • Finance Managers

  • Investment Banker/Broker

  • Business Operations Manager

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Investment Analysts

  • Bookkeepers

  • Loss Control Specialist

  • Insurance Salesperson

  • Insurance Manager

 Check out some of the industries and areas of employment applicable for B.Com Banking and Insurance.

  • Government and Private Banks

  • Insurance Industry

  • Investment Industry

  • Public Accounting Firms

  • Business Consultancies

  • Inventory Control

  • Educational Institutions

  • Healthcare industry

  • Indian Civil Services

These are just among a few of the industries and areas of employment where a graduate of B.Com would be able to pursue a career. An average initial salary that a B.Com graduate may receive can range in between ?3,00,000 - ?8,00,000. As in the case for many job profiles, the more experience you gain and the more skills you learn will lead to an exponentially higher package and career growth.

 However, pursuing a career path is not necessarily the only way ahead. Once you have graduated from the course, there are multiple options of higher education degrees that can be pursued by the candidates as well. Among the viable options for higher education courses after B.Com in Banking and Insurance, include:

  • M.Com in Banking and Insurance

  • M.Com in any other relevant specialisation

  • MBA

  • PGDM

  • Law

  • B.Ed

  • Chartered Accountancy

Many B.Com graduates choose to pursue higher education mostly in other fields and disciplines as it increases the scope of attaining a better career path. Moreover, candidates who pursue M.Com open up opportunities in the field of research and teaching as well. 

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