About B.A Legal Studies

The program  is essentially meant for students who do not want to enter the core legal profession, however, have an inclination to make a difference in the various professional fields including marketing, banking, consultancy, public relations, advertising, research, analytics, journalism, management, accounting, social work, library operations, NGO's, publishing, media instructor and any other profession accessible by any other regular graduate as well. *Approved by Academic Council of the University (this program does not require approval from Bar Council of India) as it would not make a student eligible to practice as per BCI norms.

UPES’ curriculum framework is holistic in its overall structure and yet focuses on the individual need of the student to discover, experience, explore and challenge. Along with the core subject, students have the option to choose from subject-focused specialisations. They are also allowed to choose minor/exploratory subject from other schools at UPES that are: School of Engineering, School of Computer Science, School of Law, School of Business, School of Health Sciences, School of Design, School of Modern Media, and School of Liberal Studies.

Further, based on the multifaceted needs of the global workplace and evolving lifestyles, the curriculum offers Signature and Life-Skills courses through School for Life. To round off this learning experience, students are required to do mandatory internships in the social sector, government/public sector, and industry. The combinations available for students to pick and choose from are endless, ensuring both depth and width of knowledge.


Subject Code Subject Credits
CLCC 1009 Logic and Legal Reasoning 4
CLCC 1010 World's Legal System 4
CLCC 1011 Legal History of India 4
CLCC 1012 Politico-legal Throught 4
CLCC 1013 Principles of Contract Law 4
CLCC 1014 General Law of Torts 4
CLCC 1015 Legal Writing Workshop 3
TOTAL   27



Subject Code Subject Credits
  Constitutional Law 4
  Law and Sociology 4
  Introduction to Family Law 4
  Criminal Justice System 4
  Civil Justice System 4
  Legal Research Workshop 3
  Workshop on Handling Data 3
TOTAL   26




Subject Code Subject Credits
  Industrial Jurisprudence 4
  Business Transactions 4
  Systems and Design Thinking 4
  Financial Market Regulations 4
  Constitutional Theory 4
  Workshop Elective I 4
  Company Law Practice  
  Banking Law Practice  
  Direct Tax Practice  
  Contract Drafting  
  Gender and Society  
  Drafting of Criminal Instruments  
  Special Elective I 4
  Humanitarian and Refugee Law  
  Direct Tax  
  Cyber Crimes  
TOTAL   28




Subject Code Subject Credits
  Public Administration Law 4
  Dynamics of International Law 4
  Human Rights 4
  Corporate Regulations 4
  Jurisprudence and Interpretation 4
  Labour Laws 4
  Special Elective II 4
  Private International Law  
  Indirect Tax  
  Electronic Contracts  
TOTAL   28




Subject Code Subject Credits
  IT Governance and Policy 4
  Sustainable Development Goals 4
  Dispute Resolution 4
  Media and Entertainment Laws 4
  Special Elective III 4
  WTO and Law  
  AI and Big Data  
  Workshop Elective II 4
  Insolvency Law Practice  
  Insurance Law Practice  
  Indirect Tax Practice  
  Arbitration Workshop  
  Human Rights  
  Drafting of Civil Instruments  
TOTAL   24




Subject Code Subject Credits
  Advanced Legal Drafting 4
  Environmental Jurisprudence 4
  Professional Ethics 4
  Right to Information 2
  International Taxation 4
  Workshop Elective III 4
  Securities Law Practice  
  Fintech and Law  
  GST Practice  
  Meditation Workshop  
  Family Law  
  Drafting of Writs  
  Capstone (optional) 8
TOTAL   30

At the end of the program, the student would get an undergraduate degree in BA with Hons. in Legal Studies which will enable him/her to pursue a career in diverse fields including but not limited to banking, consultancy, public relations, advertising, research, analytics, journalism, management, accounting, social work, NGO's, publishing, paralegal.

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