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We help the students to figure out what kind of degree they should pursue after passing out from their schools. In case they have already sorted what they want from life, then we help them with the how. How do they get what they want is what we focus on. We cater to students and professionals who are confused about making a decision which is going to seriously affect their lives in the long run. This makes our existence very crucial and that is why we continue to provide the students with the following services.

India is looking at the faces of millions of young students who are either fresh out of schools or fresh graduates with the hope that they will help the country become a better version of itself in the coming years. What does it take to make that possible? Have you ever think of it? Do not shy away if the answer is negative. There is no shame in accepting your ignorance. However, to keep living with that ignorance is a despicable act. If you haven’t thought why a country with the population of more than one hundred thirty crores is hoping from its youth, then it’s high time to change that. That is exactly what we do at Collegewaale.

It does not matter what the ages, castes or religions of the students are and what financial background they have, all we care about is providing the best of our knowledge to those who seek our help. We help students get to know themselves better so that they can pick the education which suits them the best. All we do is to give them the support that they need.

Our Vision is Our Mission

India is a nation full of young people. Every year millions of students qualify their respective exams without having any idea what they are going to do next. There are reports that many of the students are pushed into courses they did not know they wanted to do and did not have any idea what effect it would have on their lives. They did that course because of parental pressure, peer pressure and some stupid advice from an overly concerned relative. In any of the situations, the final outcome was a disastrous career and an even more disastrous life.

At collegewaale, our sole mission is to get the students an education which is meant for them. An education which they truly deserve and which, in time, will come useful to their future selves. It is of utmost importance to us that the students who counsel from us walk on the right path which eventually leads them to a destination named “success”. Collegewaale work with all their hearts and souls on each single student to make sure that they do not return without gaining something useful. We try our best to give our students best education counselling and services.

Now, you might be wondering why are we so concerned only about students? Well, we also focus on working professionals who wish to pursue higher education but are highly confused. They have a very little idea how they should plan their work and education so that one does not affect the other. To some, it is a very easy thing to do. But for others, that is exactly where we come into the picture. We offer education counselling not only for freshly passed out students and graduates; those who are leading a good professional life and wish to get a master degree are also attended by us.

Lastly, we plan to make every best college in Uttarakhand available under our services and we are working tirelessly to make sure that it happens. Many of our students are already studying in some of the most reputed colleges in the state. Some are going in colleges who rank in top ten in all over the country which is a testament to the fact that we are getting the job done. The job to get our students the best college possible which will give them the education they should get and the education which will make them worth millions in the coming years.

Collegewaale.com welcomes every student without caring much about their marks and grades. If your grades are good, good! If they are not up to the mark and you still want to get into a good college, we have got your back! A student with poor marks is still a student and we make sure that none of the students who has come to us returns hopeless. We are here to help and we will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. Visit our website www.collegewaale.com or our office and get yourself the education you deserve!

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