About Bachelor of Arts

BA or Bachelor of Arts, is an UG Program of 3 years that is studied by students after passing class 12. BA Course is considered one of the most pursued courses in India, accounting for more than 9 million students. BA Course can be pursued as full time course or even as a part time course, correspondence course or in a distance education mode.

BA Course Admission usually takes place on the basis of merit, but several clleges also conduct an entrance exam like NPAT, BHU UET, DUET, etc.

Candidates can pursue the BA distance education course from colleges like IGNOU, TNOU, KSOU, etc within a range of INR 6,000 to 20,000 and duration for BA Course in distance mode is 3-6 years.

BA Course deals with a wide variety of subjects like BA Hindi, BA English and other language subjects, BA Economics, BA LLB, BA History, BA Geography etc. Candidates need to study 5 compulsory subjects, along with a few electives in Bachelor of Arts courses. BA Course subjects can be selected from a wide variety of options. 

Bachelor of arts Syllabus

The specialisation under BA Course are mentioned below. Bachelor of arts has a lot of subjects since it is an umbrella course. 


BA Hindi

BA Hindi is a 3 year long undergraduate level bachelor degree course in the Hindi language. This course covers topics like communication skills, Communications skills in other languages, Reading literature, Translation theory and practice, Linguistics, history of Hindi literature, contemporary Hindi literature, etc. The average fees ranges around INR 15,000 to INR 35,000.


  • BA Hindi Syllabus
BA Hindi Sem 1 BA Hindi Sem 2
Communications skills in other languages Reading literature
Communication skills Reading on Indian constitutions, secularism and sustainable environment.
Critical reasoning, writing and presentation History of Hindi literature (Adhunik kal- Gadya)
Prose and one- act plays Translation theory and practice
Hindi literature in Kerala Translation and communication in Hindi
History of Hindi literature (Adikal and Madhyakal) Literature of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam ( Hindi translation)
BA Hindi Sem 3 BA Hindi Sem 4 
General informatics and computer application in Hindi. Drama and theatre in Hindi
Literature in other languages Culture and civilization
Literature and contemporary issues History and philosophy of science
Applied grammar Perspectives of humanities and languages and methodology
Comparative literature Correspondence and secretarial practice in Hindi
History of Hindi literature (Adhunik kal- padya) Environmental studies
BA Hindi Sem 5 BA Hindi Sem 6
Poetry (Ancient and Medical); Prosody and Poetics Novel and short stories in Hindi
Contemporary Hindi literature History of Hindi language
Open course spoken Hindi/ business/ Interpretation Modern poetry in Hindi
Indian literary thoughts Elective course Journalism and Mass communication/ Folk literature/ Radio broadcasting
Linguistics Western literary thoughts
Project - literary translation Project - literary translation


  • BA Hindi IGNOU
Particulars  Details
Duration 3-6 Years
Eligibility 10+2 or its equivalent or BPP from IGNOU
Fees (INR) 9,600


BA English

B.A. English is a 3-year UG Course that deals with the various parts of English as a language, both written and spoken. BA English admissions take place on the basis of merit of the student’s 12th standard marks obtained. Some institutes do hold entrance examinations to admit students. BA English is an excellent choice for careers in teaching, media, and advertising, writing, and publishing.


  • BA English Syllabus
BA English Sem 1 BA English Sem 2
History of English Literature: The Pre-Chaucerian to the Augustan History of English Literature: The Pre-Romantic to the Victorian
Language Paper I Language Paper II
Communicative English Professional Communication
English Poetry: The Elizabethan to the Augustan English Prose: The Late-Victorian to the Modern
English Prose: The Elizabethan to the Victorian Indian Writing in English: Fiction
Introduction to Computing English Poetry: The Pre-Romantic to the Victorian
Cultural Education I Cultural Education II
BA English Sem 3 BA English Sem 4
Communicative English (Advanced) History of English Language and Phonetics
History of English Literature: Victorian to the Present Indian Writing In English: Poetry
American Literature Shakespeare: Comedies
Biography Environmental Studies
English Fiction: Victorian Elective A
Life Skills I Open Elective A
Amrita Value Programme I Life Skills II
Amrita Value Programme II -
BA English Sem 5 BA English Sem 6
English Drama: Elizabethan to Victorian Shakespeare: Tragedies
Elements of Literary Criticism Literary Criticism: Introduction
English Poetry: Modern European Fiction
Spiritual Literature English Drama: Modern
Open Elective B/Live-in-Lab English Fiction: Modern
Elective B Autobiography


  • BA English IGNOU
Particulars Details
Duration 3-6 years
Eligibility 10+2 or its equivalent or BPP from IGNOU
Fees (INR) 1,700


BA LLB is a professional integrated law course which is suitable for students who want to become a lawyer. BA LLB Syllabus contains both Arts subjects and Law subjects. Law Entrance Exams are available for students who wish to pursue this course. Average BA LLB Course Fees can be around INR 1.5- 7 Lakhs, but in colleges like KIIT, the fee may be upto INR 15 Lakhs.


BA Subjects

  • English
  • Any Other Linguistics Course
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • History
  • French
  • Sociology
  • Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Media Studies
  • Religious Studies

Bachelor of Arts Career Options and Job Prospects

Bachelor of Arts degree holders become eligible to work in both government and private sectors with an average saLary ranging from INR 4-7LPA.

Educational Institutes,, Economic Development, Export Companies, Foreign Affairs, Law Firms, Lobbying Firms, Media Houses etc.are some of the main domai for these candidates to work.

BA Course students with less than 1 year of experience can expect a minimum salary of around INR 18,000- 25,000. In cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc., you can expect a minimum salary of INR 22,000- 28,000. In other cities, the minimum salary can start from INR 15,000- 18,000 but it largely depends upon the job profile and the company.

Deloitte, ITC Hotels, NIIT, Byju’s, Toppr, BCG, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, KPMG, Accenture, etc.are some of the top recruiting companies of Bachelor of Arts.

After BA Government Jobs

Company Name Last Date 
National Book Trust 4th January 2021
TANUVAS 22nd December 2021
IIT Kanpur 15th December 2021
Competition Commission of India 17th December 2021
Women and Child Development 17th December 2021
Deendayal Post Trust 5th December 2021
SFRI Jabalpur 10th November 2021
Air India Limited 18th September 2021
IIM Bangalore 31st December 2021
NIT Patna 8 November 2021


BA Salary

Below are the major Bachelor of Arts jobs with role description and average salary offered:

Job Profile Description Average Salary (INR)
Content Creator Content creators can be employed in any field ranging from copywriting to travel writing, blogging, etc. They are also required in big MNCs to develop content for brands and advertising. 3.5 LPA
Academic Writing and Editing Academic writers usually write content for research articles or papers and edit the already written articles for further modifications. 4 LPA
Air Hostess/ Flight Attendant They are responsible for the safety of passengers inside the flight, taking care of them and serving them onboard. 6 LPA
Political Consultant A political consultant studies the origin, development, and operation of political systems, which may include public opinion, ideology, political decision-making, 7.5 LPA
Author/ Writer An Author writes fictional, academic, non fictional or any genre of books or short stories, apart from different sorts of literature mediums. 4.5 LPA
Historian A historian usually writes or outlines the chronological account or record of past or current events in history, dealing with some phase of human activity, either in terms of individuals, or social, ethnic, political, or geographic groupings. 4.5 LPA
Psychologist A psychologist employs their education and practical knowledge to provide diagnostic interviews, psychological testing, and individual, group psychotherapy, etc. They can work individually or may work as part of a multidisciplinary team or professionals. 4.2 LPA
Executive Assistant An Executive Assistant performs the role similar to a secretary or administrative assistant. They usually perform tasks from accepting and making phone calls, setting business meeting agendas to reviewing incoming reports, etc. 6 LPA
Counsellor A counselor guides students or professionals about their career and studies as per the client’s interest. They work either individually or under some counselling company. 3.5 LPA
Foreign Language Expert Foreign language experts are the professionals who help to translate conversations and written files to overcome language barriers in business and communication. 4 LPA
Social Worker Social work can be done in any field like child labour, women's rights, unemployment, anima services, etc. There are so many government institutions and organizations which require social workers. They are also employed by national and international NGOs. 2.9 LPA
Archaeologist An Archaeologist investigates historic and prehistoric sites and examines the physical remains to understand human links to the past and to preserve past cultures. 3.5 LPA


After doing a BA course, you have a wide array of options of industry jobs, higher education and government sector jobs.

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) Colleges

Doon Business School - (DBS), Dehradun
BFIT Dehradun

BFIT Dehradun

Dehradun (Uttarakhand)
Graphic Era University (GEU)

Graphic Era University (GEU)

Dehradun, Uttarakhand

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